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10年ほど東京でフリーランスで活動後、現在は茨城県在住。2016年のRPSのワークショップ、PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT と PHOTOBOOK MASTERCLASSに参加し、アオバトをテーマにした本を制作。

Yoshiko Mogi

She had worked for about 10 years as a freelance photographer in Tokyo, and now based on Ibaraki, Japan. She participated in RPS PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT workshop and  PHOTOBOOK MASTERCLASS in 2016, and working on the book project about Japanese Green Pigeon.


2017, June: ”photobook masterclass” at Reminders Photography Stronghold (Tokyo, Japan)

2016, September :"photobook As Object" at Reminders Photography Stronghold (Tokyo, Japan) 

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