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2015年の夏、台風が近づいていたある日 海岸沿いの道は高波のため一部通行止めになっていた。 





















One day in the summer of 2015, a typhoon was approaching.

The wave rose higher and the road along the coastline was closed.

In the stormy weather, a flock of a few dozen green pigeons flew straight towards the high waves. They were going to drink seawater. It appeared to me as a suicide attempt. It was my first time to see a bird drown.

At the time I wasn't sure where my own life was headed, I was at a crossroads.

I was shocked to witness the birds' reckless attempt.

Why do these pigeons risk their lives just to come and drink the seawater?

It is how they consume sodium.

Unlike other pigeons, who consume sodium by eating insects and soil, the green pigeon chose to head to the ocean. It is the natural instinct of these small creatures to go to the ocean. 


In the white smoking waves, there were live and death of green pigeon. 

I was wondering to myself, if I were living as honest as them.

It’s only through a microscope that the colour of blue and yellow becomes visible with the green pigeon's coloured feathers. 

This was what I learned from a person who has been researching and protecting these green pigeons for a long time. 

The reflected light in blue and yellow mixes and it appears green to the naked eye.

“The colour of the green pigeon is related to the colours of the sun. 

When the light of the sun changes, so too changes the colour of the green pigeon accordingly. 

Thus, the colour of the green pigeon lasts only for a fleeting moment. 

A once-in-a-lifetime moment.”

Knowing that there exists colors that I could not see by myself fills me with joy. 

How we see the colours of the world is contrived beautifully by nature and animals. 

It is probably only a segment of the world that we are allowed to see. It is constantly evolving.

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